Our journeys around Australia

We left Edith Falls and headed north to Kakadu to spend a few days in the National Park. We weren't sure what to expect as some people have told us not to bother with Kakadu, or Kaka-don't as they put it. We did made the mistake of staying in Cooinda, which was expensive, had dirty toilets, was noisy and was very busy with coaches and tours using the toilet block and driving around the site. So if you are heading this way, go into one of the bush camps within the park. The north of the park borders on the Timor Sea and consists of extensive wetlands, in the middle there is savannah and further south is a high rocky escarpment that separates Kakadu from Arnhem Land.

We spend a day visiting Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls which are located on the escarpment.

We went to Jim Jim first, these falls were at the end of a 2km long high-sided canyon.

Jim Jim Falls

Jim Jim Falls
Clambering over boulders to get to the falls

We followed a track that led to a plunge pool at the base of the falls. It was rough going with lots of large boulders to scramble over.

The track leading to Jim Jim Falls

The views were fantastic, at the end of the canyon the water fell into a large pool that was supposed to be OK for swimming in but it was a bit too cool for us.

Jim Jim Falls

Jim Jim Falls
Croc trap

Anywhere there is water in Kakadu then you can expect to find crocs and Jim Jim was no exception. They search for them at the start of each season and remove any salty's they find but they say they can't guarantee to have caught them all. They thought there was one still at loose so had put a trap to try and catch it.

A croc trap near Jim Jim Falls

We drove on to Twin Falls which involved crossing a creek. Now who was it that asked what the snorkel was for on the car? At one point the water was running up the bonnet towards the windscreen! (For any prospective buyers, its OK as it is fresh water!)

Crossing the creek on the way to Twin Falls

Crossing a creek on the way to Twin Falls
Twin Falls

It was all worthwhile though, there was a small boat that took us up the gorge to track that led to the falls. The water was crystal clear and the sand was pure white. It was very hot and it was very tempting to jump into the water for a swim but there were crocs!

Twin Falls

We spotted a 1.5mtrs long freshwater croc resting on a rocky ledge by the side of the water. Freshwater Croc
Kakadu Rock Art

The following day we visited some aboriginal rock art sites. These were some of the best paintings we had seen and some of them were believed to be up to 20,000 years old. Here are a couple of the paintings:

Rock Art near Nourlangie

Rock Art near Nourlangie Rock art at Nourlangie