Our journeys around Australia


We said goodbye to Roz and John who left us in their house at Currimundi to set out on a trip across country to the Flinders area.

Thanks for the use of the house, have a great trip.

Roz and John
Woodgate Beach

We left a few days later when their wine ran out!! and set off for Woodgate near Bundaberg. Woodgate is a nice quiet location next to a sandy beach and located between a couple of National Parks. Well I say it was quiet but between the lorikeets and the permanent caravan next door with its Big Ben clock that chimed on the hour, half hour and quarter 24hours a day, it was difficult to hear the kids shouting and screaming. Ahh well, its still Easter holiday time but only for another week!!

The beach near Woodgate.

We are now in Sugar Cane country and there are vast areas of it together with other fruit crops. A lot of the sugar is transported from the town of Bundaberg not far away. We will get some pictures later on.

We spent a couple of nights at Woodgate before moving on up the coast to 1770. Yes 1770 is the name of the town. The town of Seventeen Seventy gets is name from the date that Captain Cook first set foot in Queensland. Well he didn't know that it was Queensland at the time but it was his third landing on Australia. The photo was taken from Round Hill Head and as you can see, the vegetation is getting more tropical.

Round Hill Head near 1770

Round Hill Head
Ali at Round Hill Head

The navigator still thinks we should have turned right as we entered Bundaberg but I turned left instead! I think there must have been a patchwork shop her way!

Ali contemplating at Round Hill Head

We drove out to the Eurimbula National Park and took this picture at Bustard Beach looking back towards 1770. Bustard Bay Beach
Marks left by Sand Crabs The sand crabs make some interesting patterns when digging their holes into the beach.

This chap didn't mind us being around too much.

Friendly local near Bustard Beach

1770 Roo