Our journeys around Australia

Our next stop was a further 110kms north at Cape Tribulation. This is where the bitumen runs out so we will stay here for a couple of nights before leaving the caravan and taking the Bloomfield Track up to Cooktown. We are still in the Wet Tropics so it is hot, humid and occasionally very wet. Our campsite is in a clearing in the jungle alongside the beach but the marine stingers are still around so we can only swim in creeks.
This area is quite unusual in that two World Heritage sites exist alongside each other, the Wet Tropics and the Great Barrier Reef. As they say in the brochures its where the jungle meets the reef. Cape Tribulation
Mud Skippers

We went on a guided tour up Cooper Creek to spot crocodiles so most of today's pictures are of creatures that we saw in the creek. The creek is lined with many different types of mangroves. We visited at low tide to see what was lurking around on the muddy banks of the creek. The first thing we saw was a load of crabs of all descriptions and Mud Skippers. These are amphibious fish that are just as happy out of the water as they are in it.

A Mud Skipper and various crabs

At low water you can see where the crabs burrow and forage for food in the banks of the creek amongst the roots of the mangroves. Mangrove Roots
Saltwater Crocodile

It wasn't long before we spotted our first croc, it was a female estuarine crocodile (a salty) about 3mtrs long basking in the sun.

Female Saltwater Crocodile

A bit further along we saw a large 4mtr long male crawling up the mud bank.

Male Saltwater Crocodiles

Male Salty
Mangrove Heron In all we saw five crocs during the hour-long trip. There were also a few birds about including a Mangrove Heron.
A pretty orange and blue Azure Kingfisher. Azure Kingfisher
Casowary road sign

Cassowaries also inhabit the area and the road had some serious speed bumps set up in places where they are known to cross. Someone with a sense of humour had altered the speed bump road sign.

Cassowary road sign