Our journeys around Australia

Western Australia at the start of our journey


We have been driving south for three days now and have arrived at Cervantes. Its definitely cooler here, only 25deg today and some rain last night. Cervantes is close to the Nambung National Park, which is home to the Pinnacles. These are limestone formations standing a few metres high. They look like standing stones but were formed naturally.
I have seen pictures of them but didn't realize that they covered such a large area. Do you remember Billy Connolly dancing through them naked in his series filmed in Oz?

The PinnaclesThere were some more of the Stromatolites in a pool near here but not as impressive as the ones we saw earlier in the trip. As they only occur in 6 places in the world, Oz has got more than its fair share.

OspreyThe beaches along this part of the coast are made of pure white very fine sand. It's quite painful on the eyes to walk along the beach in the bright sunlight. The water is very clear but a bit colder than it was on the North West Cape. We drove down a 4WD track, which was a bit rough (ask Ali!), but ended up on a beautiful beach. We were watching this bird, which we think is an Osprey, hovering then folding its wings back and diving into the water.

We will be spending two nights here before moving on to Perth. We will try to find an archery club in Perth and might get to unpack the bows for the first time perhaps.