Our journeys around Australia

Western Australia at the start of our journey

Walking the oast to Coast track

The weather started out a bit grey today so we went for a bush walk from the campite. There is a long distance walking track that passes through the campsite called the 'Cape to Cape' track. It takes three days to walk it. We spent a couple of hours!

Ali just realised that what goes down must come up!

The Cape to Cape Track

A fire had swept through the area a couple of years ago but as you can see, it doesn't take long for the plants to re-establish themselves. A lot of the smaller shrubs and flowers thrive as the light is not blocked by the tree canopy.

Bush Flowers

Bush Flowers
Donkey OrchidCowslip Orchid

We found 5 different orchids beside the track, here are a couple of them:

Left: Donkey Orchid
Right: Cowslip Orchid

There are over a hundred different orchids in this area.

We decided to make use of the free firewood that evening and cooked dinner in one of the fireplaces. The wood was a bit green which made it a bit smokey but at least it kept the mossies away.

Camp Fire

Camp Fire