Our journeys around Australia

We are continuing our journey along the Icefields Parkway which runs for 280km from Banff to Jasper through spectacular mountains, glaciers and rivers.

IMG 9014 w

Crowfoot Mountain 3055mtrs

crowfoot mountain w


IMG 8842 w

Bow Lake was partly covered by ice

bow lake w

But just around the corner it was clear of ice and had great reflections of the mountains.

mh bow lake w

The next lake along the route, Peyto Lake, was probably the most picturesque. The deep blue colour is caused by suspended particles
in the water which is fed from the glacier at the southern end of the lake (on the left). The colour changes throughout the year.

The picture was taken from Bow Summit which at 2088mtrs is the highest point along the Icefields Parkway.

peyto lake w

Click here to view a 360deg panoramic picture. peyto lake panorama.preview

Mount Chephren 3307mtrs and Waterfowl Lake

mount chephren w

 Just before arriving at the Athabasca Glacier there was a very large bend in the road where we stopped to stretch our legs.

Click here to view a 360deg panorama of the scenary. IMG 8955 Panorama.preview

mountain goat w




There were several large Mountain goats on the edge of the road.



We arrived at our overnight stop for the night at the Icefields Centre car park overlooking the Athabascar Glacier.
It was not as bad as it sounds as we arrived early and had the pick of the spots with great views of
the glacier, Mount Athabasca, Snow Dome and several other mountains.

Our motorhome is the one in the centre of the picture.

athabasca glacier w

view from mh icefields



We managed to sit outside and enjoy a drink in the sunshine.

Here is our view from the motorhome.

We jumped on a bus which took us out on top of the glacier. It wasn’t your average bus though:

glacier bus w

on athabasca glacier w




On top of the Athabasca glacier.

Mount Athabasca 3491mtrs

mt athabasca w

Nearby Mount Snow Dome (3456mtrs) is one of the few ‘Triple Divide Peaks’. Melt water from snow
on the peak flows into 3 oceans, the Pacific, the Arctic and the Atlantic.

snow dome