Our journeys around Australia

Just catching up

There has been a lot going on here since our last report. Di, our hostess, has been busy in her role as stage manager at the annual Easter show so we went along to see the first nights production, it was very good - a musical version of MASH.

The view from the living room


This is where we are staying. I know its rough living but it only gets worse from here on!!

Blue Tongue Lizard




One of the other residents staying here is a Blue Tongue Lizard but it spends most of its time at the bottom of the garden.

"Hey Percy it's your turn, go and scare the kid with the red top and we will steel his fish"



The local pelicans are still very present whenever someone starts cleaning their fish catch.


"Hey Percy it's your turn, go and scare the kid with the red top and we will steel his fish".

The Peli's Bum


Now I know that Trisha, Karen and a few others back home have often asked "What does a Peli's bum look like?".

Well at great personal risk I now have the answer. . .

Quarry Beach



We drove out to Quarry Beach for a walk but the weather didn't look very promising. On the horizon there was a rainbow effect. Sure enough several minutes later it rained.

Fresh mussels from the boat at Eden



The next day it was bright and sunny and nice and warm - but we had arranged to go on a shopping trip up the coast. We stopped in at Eden for a fish and chip lunch and to buy some mussels. The mussels don't come much fresher than this straight from the fishing boat.

Eden Harbour

Shipwreck Creek


Another day we borrowed the 4WD and drove out to Shipwreck Creek. This is a beautiful sandy cove formed where a creek finally meets the sea after travelling through the wilderness. Each time we have been here the creek has been in a different position and after some recent heavy rains it was flowing quite well.

Shipwreck Creek



The brown water is caused by tannins from the forests it passes through.

Ali's Red Bellied Black Snake



WARNING - If you are of a nervHISS dHISSposition skip the next bit!!
On the walk through the bush to get to the beach the navigator was out in front leading the way and very very nearly stood on this fellow, a red bellied black snake catching the late afternoon sun.