Our journeys around Australia

Before leaving Mallacoota we spent a day out on the lake in Rodondo with her nice shiny bottom. On the way back we spotted one of the seals who live in the lake trying to eat an octapus (or it moght have been a squid). It was thrashing it around and tossing it in the air for about 15mi. Eventually it swallowed it but popped up again a few moments later and spat it out. It managed to eat it after another attempt.

Mallacoota Seal

Mallacoota Seal

Mallacoota Sunrise
We were also treated to a fine sun rise one morning.

As you know I don't usually do sunrises but this one coincided with a visit to the bathroom!

We eventually and reluctantly dragged ourselves away from Mallacoota and drove back to Canberra to catch a flight back to Perth. Our Creekwalkers were safely air freighted in from Brisbane the next day and we collected them from the airport and took them shopping for the rest of their camping gear.

Swimming at Rotnest

As a treat we gave them a day off and hired some bikes and took them across to Rotnest Island. It was a hot day but everyone managed to cycle around the island with time to stop for a couple of swims. Ali thought the hills had got steeper since our last visit!

Lancelin Sand Dunes


After 3 nights in a cabin we moved to another campsite and slept in our tents to make sure we had everything before heading north. We did have everything, in fact I think we have got more than everything! The poor cruiser is bursting at the seams. We set off up the coast for our first night on the road at Cervantes. We took the new road which follows the coast all the way to Cervantes. On the way we stopped at Lancelin for lunch and let the Creekwalkers out for a walk on the sand dunes.

The Pinnacles


Close to Cervantes is the Nambung National Park and the Pinnacles. Josie particularly liked this one for some reason!