Our journeys around Australia

The Cliffs near Kalbarri




The cliffs near Kalbarri

The Cliffs near Kalbarri



At Kalbarri we drove out to 'The Loop' which is a large bend in the Murchinson River about 50km north of the town. We walked the track which runs around the bend the last time we were here and the navigator thought she was going to die as it was so hot so this time we took the more gentle option.

The Murchinson River



The navigator and the two creek walkers take in the view from 'Natures Window'

Natures Window



This is what they saw.

The 'Z Bend'



We also visited 'The Z Bend' which had some spectular views of the river.

Hamlin Pool Telegraph Station



From Kalbarri we drove on to Denham to visit Monkey Mia and Cape Peron stopping on the way at the old telegraph station at Hamlin Pool.

Dolphin wearing a sponge



Monkey Mia is famous for its dolphins which visit the beach each day but so do loads of tourists. The Shark Bay dolphins are thought to be the only ones that use tools as they wear sponges on their snouts to protect themselves whilst searching in the sand for food. You can see the dolphin in the picture below wearing a sponge.

The crew at sunset



We took a trip out on a catermeran to look for marine life and saw dolphins and turtles and stayed on for a sunset cruise.

The Green!



The 'Green' and fairway on Denham Golf Course!

Cape Peron track



The next day we drove out to the top of Cape Peron. It's a long track which is very sandy in places.

Manta Rays



From the lookout we spotted several manta rays swimming in formation near the surfaceWhite Bellied Sea Eagle.

White Bellied Sea Eagle


White Bellied Sea Eagle

Fully Loaded


From Denham we had an overnight stay in Carnarvon before travelling on to Exmouth and Cape Range.

Taking a break en-route to Carnarvon.

Wallaby with a joey



We were hoping to camp in the National Park but all the camp sites were full so we set up camp at Yardie Homestead and drove into the park each day. The weather took a turn for the worse and we had a few days of very strong winds and quite a bit of rain but it did clear up allowing us to do some snorkelling.

Wallaby with a joey.




Snake warning!!
We saw this chap crossing the road in the national park. We think it is a black headed python but will check later.