Our journeys around Australia




We spent a couple of nights in Kununurra to recover from the Gibb River Road and to stock up for the next part of our journey across to Darwin.

We camped next to the Lake in Kununurra and spotted these Jesus Birds (Jacanas) walking over the lilly pads.

Ivanhoe Crossing


There is a very large manmade lake near Kununurra called Lake Argyle. It was built to irrigate the land around the Ord River. As the summer was very wet this year the lake has been spilling over and a lot of the water was flowing over the Ivanhoe Crossing. This is a causway that can be driven across but it will be some weeks before anyone will be able to cross it.

Lake Argyle Spillway



It was said that there was enough water flowing out of the lake to fill Sydney Harbour in two days!

From Kununurra we drove out to camp beside Lake Argyle. On the way we crossed over the spillway from the lake. This was in effect the lakes overflow.

Lake Argyle



A lot of the banks and trees either side of the river had been stripped out.

Meanwhile the lake itself looked very peaceful.

Lake Argyle Dam



Water from the lake also flows through a hydro station located near the dam and back into the old Ord River.

Campsite Infinity Pool



The camp site had been refurbished since our last visit six years ago including the additions of an infinity pool with a fantastic outlook.

It's a pity that the water was a bit cold.

Barking Owl



Our tent was under a small tree and we had someone to keep an eye on us.(Barking Owl)