Our journeys around Australia

We continued our journey up the Oodnadatta track and here are some of the things we saw on the way.
This guy didn't make it. Skeleton
The William Creek Hotel We stopped for a coffee at the William Creek Hotel. They recon it's the remotest pub in Australia. The nearest towns are Marree 202km, Oodnadatta 202km and Coober Pedy 158km. There is nothing else here except the pub.

There was a museum (scrap yard) close by with some interesting bits of junk on display.

Bugger, it missed. I thought I had aimed it better than that, I obviously need some coaching!

Black Arrow This is what was left of the first stage of a Black Arrows rocket that launched a satellite into orbit on the 28th Oct 1971. It was built by BAE so I suspect Josie has her name scratched on it somewhere.
A road train pulled in to refill the pubs fuel tanks. Now that is what you call a Big Mack. Now that's what you call a Big Mack
Red sand dunes Further up the track we passed through a large area of red sand dunes. The red dust is starting to turn the car and everything else red as well.

The track got a bit rougher and corrugated further north but the car handled it well.
We refuelled at the Pink Roadhouse at Oodnadatta.

Oodnadatta is a small community of 180 people and its claim to fame is that it is Australia's hottest and driest town. In fact a sign said that it was the 'driest town in the driest state in the driest continent' and guess what happened as we approached the town - it drizzled with rain!
The Pink Roadhouse at Oodnadatta
Oodnadatta Bush Camp We spent the night bush camping off the track between Oodnadatta and Marla.