Our journeys around Australia

The reef near Kurrajong

View of the Ningaloo Reef from the dunes near the campsite.


Spark your dreaam

Argentinian couple Candelaria and Herman Zapp and their four children camped at Kurrajong for a few nights.

They have spent eight years travelling around the world in their 1928 Graham Paige car having four children along the way. They started their journey by driving from Argentina to Alaska and are now driving around Australia before moving on to Asia.

Visit their website: Spark Your Dream.

Currently, they are in Australia, they are poised to head south and north-west and cover 21 more countries around Oceania and Asia.

They've already been eight years on the road, and have had four children, all conceived and born in different countries while traveling.

Here are some of our fellow campers, thanks for you company guys. Kurrajong Crowd
Kurrajong sunset Being on the edge of the Indian Ocean, we were often treated tp spectacluar sunsets.
After sunset we adjourned to Happy Hour. Our camp hosts Tony and Marie made everyone very welcome. Camp Hosts