We set off from Perth on the 27th Dec and headed east. The plan was to bush camp at Karalee Rock. The rock is a large granite outcrop close to the old railway track that ran from Southern Cross to Kargoorlie.

Karalee Rock Wall


The steam trains needed a source of water so the pioneers built a wall around the base of the rock to catch the water when it rained. The water was directed via an aquaduct to a dam where it could be piped to the railway track a few kilometers away.

Karalee Rock Aquaduct


The aquaduct from the rock to the dam. 

Bush Camp


Our plan was to bush camp at Karalee but it was still very hot in the afternoon and there was nobody else there so we pushed on east for an hour or so to another bush camp. It was still quite hot and the flies were very friendly but there were a couple of other people setting up camp so we Pitched our tent and left the fly sheet off as it was going to be a warm night. Actually it cooled dowm quite a bit during the night.

Coolgardie Store


The next day we set off for Norsman and the start of the drive across the Nullarbor. On the way we stopped for a coffee in Coolgardie and the local store sold everything - well it is a mining town! 

  Turn left in 1196km


On leaving Norsman I checked the satnav - 'In 1196km turn left'.

Bush camp near Cocklebiddy


We pushed on until about 5:00pm and found a bush camp to the East of Cocklebiddy. We were now in a new time zone and had to adjust our clocks by 3/4 hour! We were closer to the coast here and It was much cooler so the sleeping bags came out for the night. 

  Eucla sign


Signpost at Eucla

Bunda cliffs and the Southern Ocean


The Bunda Cliffs and the Southern Ocean that run for hundreds of kilometers along the southern coast of Australia 

Nullarbor roadhouseThe Nullarbor roadhouse (and the most expensive fuel so far $1.95ltr)

point sinclair shark net


As it was hot during the day we decided to drive until 5pm or 6pm and then camp to save too much effort in the heat of the day. This very conveniently took us to a delightful spot called Cactus Beach. It was so good we stopped there for three nights. 


Point Sinclair jetty


The coolest place - under the jetty at Pt Sinclair.

Oh! and we had another time change as we were now in South Australia.

There are some well knows surf breaks here, Cactus and Caves, so there were a lot of surfers at the camp site. The waters are also home to Great Whites but they couldn't have been very hungry while we were there. We did go for a swim in the nearby bay where shark nets had been fitted.

Shelly beach


There was a choice of four beaches and a lagoon that you could swim in. 


Shelly Beach dunes


The sand on Shelly Beach was pure white powder and all but empty.