After a fairly uneventful flight we have arrived in Perth. We flew with Singapore Airlines again in an Airbus A380 which is by far the best way to get here. The aircraft is quiet and comfortable with plenty of legspace and the crew are very attentive.

I said that the flight was 'fairly' uneventful but as we approached Perth the pilot said that we would be going into a holding pattern as there were very strong headwinds and heavy rain showers at the airport. After about half an hour another announcement said that he would 'attempt' to land. Well you knew that it was going to be an interesting landing as just before touching down I could see the length of the runway out of the window!

We made it after a bit of bumping and shaking and passed through immigration, customs and quarantine and were met by Bev, Adrian and a very excited Emily. On our way to collect the car one of the heavy rain showers arrived and much to Emily's delight we all go soaked!