Our journeys around Australia


Storms in Surfers Paradise

We have been staying with our friend Ros in Sandgate and further up the coast in Currimundi. The weather has been rather moist to say the least. On our way to Brisbane we drove through the Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise (Its more like Benedorm with its high rise apartments.)

The storms had washed away much of the beach and in places it had dropped several meters.

Although it has been very wet it was warm so it was nice to be able to open up the doors to the deck at the house in Currimundi and enjoy the inside-out living in Ros's beautiful home.

Currimundi house
Currimundi House The living area opens up onto the deck.
The rain didn't seem to bother the birds in the garden.
These are Rainbow Lorikeets
Rainbow Lorikeets
Blue Faced Honey Eater Blue Faced Honeyeater
The immature Blue Faced Honeyeater starts out with a yellow face which changes to blue as it grows. Immature Blue Faced Honey Eater
Butcher Bird

The Butcherbird is one of our favourites, it whistles melodic tunes. Its called a Butcherbird because it stores the bugs it catches on spikes in a tree.

We did manage to get out and take in the nearby scenary. We drove out to Mapleton Falls in the gap between rain showers.

Mapleton Falls
Ali me and Ros at the falls Ali, me and Ros at the falls.
We have had to change our plans as the Strezlecki Track that we were heading to next was closed due to rain. The other track that we could have taken was also closed. We could have taken our chance and headed out that way but we didn't have the time to be stuck waiting for the tracks to open so we have decided to stay on the bitumen and head for Broken Hill. Even our departure from Brisbane had to be delayed for a day as 50mm to 100mm of rain were forecast for our first nights stay.