Our journeys around Australia


Our new home for the next three weeks was waiting for us at the airport.

The campervan near Hobart.

camper hobart
Old sailing boat in Hobart

We found a nice campsite to the north of the city on the banks of the Derwent River. It was good to be on the road again and it didn't take long to get back into the routine of trundling across to the showers in the mornings. We caught the bus into the city and spent the day visiting the sights. Hobart is quite an old town by Australian standards and has lots of old (ish) buildings and an interesting harbour.

Old sailing vessel alongside at Hobart

We strolled around an area called 'The Battery' where the first settlers set up home. The picture shows some of the original cottages in 'Arthurs Circus' with Mount Wellington in the background.

Arthurs Circus

Arthurs Circus
Flowers near Arthurs Circus

As you can see, it's spring here at the moment and the flowers are in full bloom. The flowers here are roses and the perfume was very strong. It seemed strange to have roses so early in the spring. We also saw some rhododendrons in full flower.

The Flowers in Hobart

As Hobart is the State Capital, it has Parliament House which is a fine old building not far from the harbour.

Parliament House, Hobart

Parliment House, Hobart
Hobart Fish Stall

And talking of harbours, this is an active fishing harbour and there was no shortage of fish for sale on the quayside. This one caught Ali's eye.

Fish stall in Hobart