Our journeys around Australia


After leaving Port Arthur, we headed north to spend 3 nights in the Freycinet National Park. This is a long peninsular extending out into the Tasman Sea with tall pink granite peaks and sandy beaches. Our camping site is just 20 mtrs from the waters edge.

Here is the view from our campsite.

Richardsons Beach
Frecynet Sunset

We were treated to a good sunset that night.

Sunset at Freycinet

We took a boat trip around the peninsular and saw the dolphins on the way.

Frecyinet Dolphins

Frecynet Dolphins
Pied Cormorants Other sightings were pied cormorants!

a White Bellied Sea Eagle sat on it's nest (that's some nest!)!

Sea Eagle nest

Sea Eagle's nest
Australian Gannet

and Australian gannets!

Australian Gannet

We also saw quite a few Shy Albatross which were magnificent birds just soaring between the waves without a single flap of their wings. Our guide told us that they have a 2.6mtr wingspan.

Here is a close-up of the pink granite cliffs.

Pink Granite
Wineglass Bay

After returning from the boat trip we decided to climb to a lookout which overlooks Wineglass Bay. Wineglass is one of the famous beaches in Australia with a pure white sandy beach. Some people say that it got its name because of the shape but apparently there used to be a whaling station at the far end of the bay and is named because the sea turned red when they brought the carcasses ashore. It was hot and a very steep climb through the bush to the lookout which was about 250mtrs above sea level.

Wineglass Lookout

There was a track that led down to the beach from the lookout and I suggested that we went down for a swim but Ali didn't think it was a good idea! We would have had to climb back up again to get back to where we started! As it was I nearly had to climb back up as I left my rucksack hanging on the railings (the blue one in the photo). Fortunately, I remembered it shortly after setting off.

We have managed to tick off a lot of Ali's requests for this trip: Whales, Albatross and a Sunset but no prawns though as the water is too cold for them in Tasmania!

Fairy Wren Chicks Here is an 'Ahh' picture. There are some fairy wrens nesting in the bush alongside the campervan and we spotted the chicks waiting to be fed. Fairy Wren Chicks