Our journeys around Australia


From Freycinet we headed north up the coast and stopped a night at St Helens before moving a bit further north to the 'Bay of Fires' where we bush camped alongside a white sandy beach at a place called 'Cosy Corner'. It was a quiet spot, except for the sound of the surf and the beach was empty for most of the day.

Cosy Corner

Cory Corner
Cosy Corner

The rocks at each end of the beach were covered in red lichen and the water was crystal clear (and a bit on the cool side!) All of this and no camping fees.

Cosy Corner

On our last journey we met several people who did their work on the road. There were a few mobile hairdressers and a travelling plumber we kept bumping into. We saw a different trade in town the other day:

Fang Man

Fang Man
StColumba Falls

From the Bay of Fires, we had a long days travel west to our next camp site in the Narawntapu National Park. We needed to press on with our journey in order see everything we want to although I could have spent a month or two at Cosy Corner! On our way to our next stop we visited St Columba Falls which was at the end of a track which weaved its way between some magnificent tree ferns.

St Columba Falls

Narawntapu National Park is located in the north of Tasmania near Port Sorell. The park is full of wildlife which starts appearing at dusk. We saw Bennets Wallabies, Forester Kangaroos, Wombats, pademelons, quolls and other creatures wandering around the campervan. Here are a few we caught on camera:

Many of the wallabies had youngsters.

Wallaby and Joey
Wombat Wombat
A Tree Quoll. We were told that we were lucky to see one of these in the wild as they are very shy creatures. (A bit like me!) Tree Quoll

We also saw an echidna as we were driving along a track but by the time we had stopped and got the camera out it had started burying itself in the side of the road. Ali refused to pull it out to get a better picture!


Judging by the notice on the toilet block, there were a few other creatures that we might have missed! Snake Warning