Our journeys around Australia

Today we headed south east for an overnight stay at New Norfolk where we could top up on supplies. On the way we stopped at the Mount Field National Park where we did a short (3 hour) walk to see water falls and tall trees.  This is typical of what the forest is like as you walk through it. A forest stream near Mount Field
Russell Falls The water falls were good but there wasn't a lot of water flowing so at other times they probably look spectacular. The first falls we came to were the Russell Falls.
The tree ferns growing around the creek had lots of new fronds opening up. Ferns at Russell Falls
Horseshoe Falls The next falls we came to were the Horseshoe Falls. Not as tall as the last falls and there wasn't enough water to give the horseshoe shape.
The next part of the walk took us past some very large gum trees. The one in the picture is a swamp gum and at 79mtrs was thought to be one of the tallest in the world. It is also the tallest living flowering plant. The Californian redwoods are taller but have cones instead of flowers, the tallest living one is 111mtrs. 79mtr high swamp gum
The base of the tall swamp gum The first branch is 37mtrs up! It's difficult to capture the size of these trees in a photo but here is what the base of it looked like.  I am sure there was something moving around in that hole by my right leg!
The last part of the walk took us to the Lady Barron Falls. Lady Barron Falls

By this time the navigators moving parts were starting to complain so we started out on the hour long return journey.

The only moving part that was complaining was my foot (the one that hasn't been done). To get out we had to climb hundreds of steps. One lesson learnt is that where there's a waterfall there is always a very steep climb involved!! This was also the night after 2 bottles of fizz (left over from my birthday) and I did have just a little hangover.