Our journeys around Australia

Our next stop was a bush camp in the Tahune Forest Reserve and to get there we had to drive through the capital of Tasmania, Hobart. The navigator successfully picked a route through the city centre before setting off south west to the Forest Reserve.

We visited the Tahune Forest Air Walk which is a pathway high up in the forest that lets you look down onto the trees. We went on a similar one in Walpole in Western Australia.

Tahune Air Walk

Tahune Air Walk
Tahune Air Walk The Tahune one had a cantilever section which stretched out over the Huon River. Tahune Air Walk

There were some great views of the river 50mtrs below.

The Huon River from the Air Walk

Huon River
Ali hang gliding

A bit further down stream I heard this horrendous spine chilling primordial screech. It sounded like AAAAAARRRRGH. Then it happened again AAAAAARRRRGH Geeeemeeeoooffff! The Kangaroos and wallabies froze, looked up into the sky and shot off into the bush for cover. All the birds went silent as the screech echoed around the rain forest. Even the river seemed to stop flowing for a moment. It was obviously something flying high in the canopy. Whatever it was it cast a large dark shadow over the ground as it passed over. It was some winged creature much bigger that the wedge tailed eagles and its wingspan must have been bigger than the albatross we had seen earlier. Another AAAAAARRRRGH and then I spotted it zooming towards me out of the trees. It was Ali on her final approach after trying her hand at solo hang gliding.

Ali hang gliding

All this excitement was a bit much for the navigator and she retired to the coffee shop while I explored another walk a bit further upstream where the Picton River and the Huon River meet. The track crossed both rivers and rope bridges had recently been installed to get you across.

The rope bridge over the Huon River

Huon Rope Bridge
Picton Rope Bridge

It did bounce around and jump up and down a bit as you walked over and so I don't think the flying navigator would have appreciated the views from the bridge!

The rope bridge over the Picton River

That night we were allowed to camp in an area alongside the visitor centre and use the toilets absolutely free before setting off the next day for Bruny Island.