Our journeys around Australia

In September 2004 we packed up our home in the UK and flew into Perth to spend a year touring around Australia in a car and caravan.

Our route around Australia

Our route initially took us north as far as Exmouth before returning south again. This got us away from the cool Perth spring weather and also gave us the opportunity to shake out any problems with the car and caravan.

We then set off anti-clockwise around Oz. Our only deadline was to be in the Cairns area in May in order to cross the top end in the dry season to get back to Perth by the end of August 2005. We returned in 2007 and spent 3 weeks travelling around Tasmania.

The site is arranged as a journal and follows our journey around the country. Click here to go to the first page. There are also some maps that show details of our camping locations. Click on the one of the States in the menu at the top of the page and you will find a map of the state and a list of the entries for that State. If you hover over the yellow dots some details of the campsite will be displayed.

All the photos were taken by us and all the creatures you see were photographed in the wild.

We hope you enjoy our site and maybe find it helpful if you are thinking of making the journey yourself. Please get in touch if you want further information by clicking the link below.

Trevor & Ali Smith