Our journeys around Australia


We have reluctantly said goodbye to Mallacoota and our friends Di and Dave and have headed north across the boarder into New South Wales to Jervis Bay with Graham and Jane. Jervis Bay is a large natural harbour with beautiful white sandy beaches. At the southern end of the bay is the Booderee National Park where we spent a hot day exploring. A swim in the warm water at Murrays Beach went down well.

Murrays Beach, Jervis Bay

Murrays BEach, Jervis Bay
Jane and Graham lunching in the shade

The trees on the Beach provided shade from the sun while we had our lunch.

I think you should put the Versace's back on again Jane, your feet are burning!

Picnic on Murrays Beach

There are ruins of an old lighthouse at Cape St George. They made a good job of it when they built it with some beautiful stonework but they put it up in the wrong place. In fact it was about 5 miles away from where it should have been. As a result, it was a hazard to navigation and so the Navy blew it up. (Location, location!)

The old lighthouse at Cape St George

Old Jervis Lighthouse
Cape St George

In the picture on the left, the ruins of the old lighthouse are on top of the cliffs to the left and a new one was built to replace it on the headland to the right about 7.5 km away. The gap between the two headlands forms the inlet to Jervis Bay.

Cape St George, Jervis Bay.

The sea outside the bay was rough and we spent a while watching the surf breaking on the rocks at Moes Rock. Surf breaking over Moes Rock