Our journeys around Australia

Tolmer Falls Tolmer Falls in the Litchfield National Park.

From Litchfield we travelled back to Katherine where we spent a night in a caravan park alongside some thermal pools before heading off west towards Lake Argyle. We broke the journey at Timber Creek where we camped at Big Horse Creek in the Gregory National Park alongside the Victoria River. We have started to see more Boab Trees dotted around and the small camping area had several of them.

The picture on the right was the view from the van.

Big Horse Creek Boabs
Boab tree at the Bullita Homestead We drove about 50kms south into the park to look at the old Bullita Homestead. This station was established in the late 1800's and has associations with the neighbouring Bullo River Station and the Durack family about which several books have been written. The homestead was in fairly good condition and stood alongside a massive Boab tree that had an inscription carved into it - D. T. Durack '82.
When we returned to the campsite, a couple in a van near us had just returned from a days fishing on the river. Glenys had just caught her first fish - a monster barramundi! Not bad for a first attempt. Their friends also caught one but they put it back as this one would keep them going for some while. Barramundi
Sunset over the Pinkerton Ranges That evening we drove up to a lookout to watch the sun go down over the Victoria River where we were treated to a fine sunset with the sun dropping behind the Pinkerton Range in the distance.
The next morning we headed off the state border into Western Australia and towards Lake Argyle but just along the road we turned off to see an historical tree called Gregory's Tree. It was another Boab with an inscription carved into it 'July 2nd 1856'. Members of the North Australian Expedition who based their camp here from 1855 to 1856 when much of northern Australia was still uknown made the inscriptions on the tree. A chap called Augustus Gregory had led the expedition. Gregory Boab
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