Our journeys around Australia


We have left the coast and have started to make our way across the top of Oz. From Cape Tribulation we crossed the Daintree River and headed South West to the Atherton Tableland, which is high in the Great Dividing Range. We camped near Lake Eacham, which is about 800mtrs above sea level. The climate changed from hot and humid and often wet to cooler less humid conditions. The land here is very green with rolling hills and numerous waterfalls. We spent a day visiting waterfalls so we are all topped up ready for the drier parts of our trip! These are the falls at Millaa Millaa, which are very picturesque and popular.

Millaa-Millaa Falls

Millaa Millaa Falls
Millstream Falls At Millstream, the falls were on a much grander scale.

Hey chaps, the girls around here don't look after themselves too well but I understand they scrub up quite well!

Scruffy bird

Scruffy Ostrich
Moth eyes

This pair of eyes was watching me in the shower.

Moth or Monster?

There are a couple of amazing fig trees in the area, the one on the right is known as the Curtain Fig and its thought to be about 500 years old. Originally it started out as a seed, which germinated and grew as a parasite on a tree. It dropped roots down to the ground and grew and grew. Eventually, the host tree toppled over but the fig kept growing. The host tree rotted away but the fig was more than able to support itself by then and grew into this monster.

The Curtain Fig

Curtain Fig
Road Train on the Gulf Savannah road

We spent three nights in the Tableland before heading off west towards Normanton and the Gulf of Carpentaria. The journey will take us across the base of Cape York which is the pointy bit on the top right hand side of Oz. It's a bitumen road all the way across but there is only enough bitumen for one lane! When a 50 mtr long Road Train comes hurtling towards you at 100kph with three trailers wandering around on the back, what do you do?

Road Train on the Gulf Savannah road

Get off the bitumen and out of his way! Waiting for the shower of stones!

Ahh well, its only another 650kms to the end of the road!

Road train passing