Our journeys around Australia

Continuing down the Eyre Peninsular for a couple of nights in a National Park campsite near Coffin Bay at the bottom of the peninsular. This area has loads of bays, islands and inlets and the campsite is set in amongst trees at the edge of the water. The weather has been very changeable to say the least. Yesterday the temperature soared up to 40deg in the shade with very strong northerly winds but today it has dropped back down to the mid 20's.
Australian Sealions Before leaving we drove out to Point Labatt where the only mainland colony of Australian Sealions live. We must have spent an hour or two watching them playing in the rock pools and sunning themselves on the beach.
Not far from the sealions were a group of large rocks called 'Murphy's Haystacks' in the middle of a field - strange! Murphys Haystacks
Sea Caves On the drive down the peninsular, we made several stops including one to see a large sea cave called 'The Woolshed'. I think all the flies were visiting at the same time!
We are still with our friends Ros and John who will be leaving us shortly to get back to their home in Brisbane. We managed to squeeze our caravan and their camper trailer into a cosy spot in the campsite at Yangie Camp. Yangie Camp
Diry car The Navigator insisted on taking a photo of the car, which is getting a bit dirty. But what do you expect, we have driven about 11000kms since buying it and whose fault is it anyway as I just go wherever I am directed? The caravan is gradually turning red as well with all the dust but there is a severe water shortage in Aus so that's my excuse!
We drove to a beach near the campsite and saw dolphins herding salmon into the beach for a meal. The salmon were almost coming up the beach to get away from the dolphins. Our camp fisherman, John, didn't have his gear with him and was beside himself watching all the salmon swimming around his feet without any means of catching them. We went back the following day but they had gone. Gunya Beach
Ali Fishing It was just such an amazing sight to see the dolphins thrashing their tails to get the salmon into a group so they could then swim straight into them to feed. Richard Attenborough in real life! One of the memories of this trip.