Our journeys around Australia

We have headed south from Murray River to Port Elliot on the Fleurieu Peninsula. The caravan site is right on the coast next to a nice little sandy bay. The wind has turned around and is coming from the south and as Antarctica is the next place south of here, the temperature has cooled right down to 20deg.
We visited Victor Harbor, which is the next town along the coast. From Victor Harbor, there is a jetty that leads to Granite Rock, a home for penguins. A horse drawn tram takes people out to the island along the jetty. Granite Island Jetty
Horse Tram The only other horse drawn tram still running is in the Isle of Man. (Unless you know otherwise of course!)
A bit further along the coast to the west towards Cape Jervis, the scenery changes and looks a bit like Somerset with steep hills rolling down to the sea and there were a lot more trees than we had seen for a while. Deep Creek
Blowhole Bay Hills

We visited the Deep Creek Conservation Park, which is close to the Cape. Ali suggested we visit Blowhole Bay. I was a bit surprised she suggested it as access was via a 4x4 track but I think she must have missed that on the map. (She is not a keen 4x4 passenger especially when it comes to steep hills or sand.) It was a steep drop down to the bay and I think Ali had her eyes shut some of the time but it was very tame by Aussie 4x4 standards.

The track to the bay took us down these hills.

There were a few roos relaxing in the shade of the trees near the bay and didn't seem at all bothered by our presence. Roos resting in the shade
Blowhole Bay We had to walk down the last bit of track and of course, what goes down must come back up again! It was harder coming back up as we were carrying about 3000 flies with us! As for the blowholes, well they weren't blowing on this day. Perhaps it was Blowfly Bay?