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Well that's Christmas done for another year. It was very tiring hanging one strand of tinsel, making a salad and micro waving the Xmas pud! You will all be pleased to know that the weather here was not hot but warm and breezy so we did not get to swim but had a really good walk with the neighbours and their dog along the beach. We had a very pleasant day and the evening went on till late with several of the neighbours sitting round a log fire to keep warm.

Happy Hour at the Yambuk campsite

Happy hour at Yambuk
Yambuk Lake

We are staying on this campsite for 2 weeks over the Xmas and New Year as it is very busy time when a lot of Aussies have their summer 2 weeks holiday and the bigger campsites are all booked out. We were lucky to find this site, as it is really quiet with nice views all around us. I wake up to a view across the lake where egrets (much taller than the ones at home), pelicans black swans and ducks are feeding. So I just sit with my cup of tea and watch them. A short stroll over the sand dune and we are on the beach.

Yambuk Lake and the Southern Ocean.

The beach is not very good for swimming as there is a lot of under tow and as there is an island with a fur seal colony on it 11 miles offshore we have been told that there are also great white sharks out there too so we swim in the lake instead!

Yambuk Beach and Lake

Yambuk Beach

Sunset over Yambuk LakeOne thing we have missed is the dawn chorus of birds. We are usually woken about 5am with loads of birds but because we are on the coast and no trees around there are none of the magpies or parrots around. Trev has mentioned the bird book that I have bought. Well I just had to know what birds we were looking at. We have even seen the 2 species of spoonbill they have here. I've never seen one at home! They have 16 different robins and pages of wrens. Of course to see these birds we had to buy binoculars (I wasn't allowed to bring mine from home because of the weight of the archery gear). It is going to feel quite strange staying in one place for 2 weeks. The longest we have stayed anywhere is 1 week. The people here though are very nice most of them seem to come here for Xmas each year and it's like a little community. Going across to the loo can take half an hour as you always get talking to someone. Each evening around 5o'clock people gather around one of the tables on the green and just sit and chat with a drink (or 2). We are really settled into our caravan life. Trev has even put hooks up in the front hold of the van so that bits and pieces for setting up the van are kept tidy. I was astounded when I see him do it, as it is so out of character for him when I think of the garage at home! He has even given the van a wash when we have been able to get water. Most of you will have heard our wonderful news but for those of you who haven't here it is!! Adrian and Zoe are coming over here in February and are getting MARRIED. It's all happening on Feb 14th at Mallacoota where our friends Di and Dave live. We are so excited. After 35 years we are to have a daughter in the family! The sun is shining here after a couple of days of very strong winds and dare I say it rain so we are going for a walk on the beach. The van faces west here so we sit each evening and watch some wonderful sunsets. With the lake in front there is also beautiful reflections. So on New Years Eve we shall be sitting out watching the sunset and think of you all.

Sunset over Yambuk Lake.