Our journeys around Australia

Western Australia at the end of our journey


Well we had only intended to stay in Broome for a few days but we ended up staying a couple of weeks. The climate is very good, the beaches are excellent, the town has everything you need and we met some great people. The other nice thing about Broome is that there were no flies or mossies trying to eat us and we were treated to some spectacular sunsets from Cable Beach.

A sunset from Cable Beach

Sunset from Cable Beach
The track into Barn Hill

We eventually managed to tear ourselves away to move 120kms southwest to Barn Hill. This is a cattle station located on the cliff tops overlooking the Indian Ocean that caters for campers. The campsite is 10km off the main highway along a red sand track but it was in good condition.

The track leading to Barn Hill

There are long sandy beaches stretching either side of the camping area with some interesting rock formations.

The beach looking north from Barn Hill

The beach at Barn Hill
Barn Hill Rocks Rocks on the beach near Barn Hill.
It is quite a popular place for fishermen as there is access to the beach for getting boats in and out of the water. Several people were spending the winter months here and all the powered campsites had been taken when we arrived. Its very much a bush setting but with good facilities and even has a bowling green!