Our journeys around Australia

Western Australia at the end of our journey


We have turned south and headed inland 380kms to the Karijini National Park. The park is set in the Hamersley Range of hills and the area we visited is coloured in shades of red and brown due to the vast quantities of iron ore present.

The red roads in the Karijini National Park

The road in the Karjini National Park
Kalamina Gorge

We walked through some of the deep gorges in the park including the picturesque Kalamina Gorge. The rocks looked like they were sheets of rusty iron; well I suppose they were!

Kalamina Gorge

There were several swimming holes in the gorges but the water was rather cool. The air temperature turned very cool in the evenings here but it quickly warmed as the sun rose in the morning but it's not as warm as it has been on the coast.

Kalamina Gorge

Kalamina Gorge
As we were setting up the caravan in the National Park, I recognised the couple in the caravan in the next bay, it was Tom and Val who were the camp hosts at Cape Range National Park near Exmouth when we visited almost a year ago. We will be returning to Cape Range in a few days and were wondering if they would be there but they were off to Windjana Gorge instead this year. It was good to meet them again and chat over a couple of beers.

The following day we set off early(ish) to walk through Dales Gorge. It was quite a steep climb down to the bottom of the gorge but it was well worth it. We followed the river to some falls and then climbed the falls (not too much water coming over) and walked on to a beautiful pool, which was lined with ferns. The water here was a bit warmer so I managed to get in for a swim. We climbed back to the rim of the gorge and followed a track along the edge of the gorge back to the caravan. The views were fantastic.

Dales Gorge

Dales Gorge
Red Gorge

We have visited several gorges on our trip and they have all been different. In Karijini, the gorges take you by surprise because they remain hidden until you are right alongside them and then the deep red steep sided walls drop away in front of you.

Looking down into Red Gorge