Our journeys around Australia

Western Australia at the start of our journey


We were due to go back to Esperance in order to stock up before setting out for the Nullarbor but the wind has strengthened and is blowing from the east. As we will be heading directly into the wind for 1400kms we decided to move a bit further along the coast for another night with the hope that it will blow out. The wind started picking up yesterday afternoon but we managed to spend the day relaxing on the beach at Lucky Bay in the lee of the rocks the side of the bay.

Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grand

Lucky Bay Lookout
Nares Island

We are now in 'Duke of Orleans Bay'. The coastline is still fantastic, granite hills, white powder sand beaches and lots of islands offshore.

Nares Island

We took a 4-wheel drive track to a remote beach called Victoria Harbour. The sand seemed even whiter and finer here and the winds were offshore and not a soul in sight.

Victoria Harbour

Victoria Harbour
Banksias at Orleans Bay

The vegetation seemed to consist mostly of banksias in full bloom.

Banksias near Orleans Bay

This area is really beautiful, lovely long sandy beaches and stunning rock formations. It would have been nice to of gone swimming in this turquoise water but its still very cold. Trev will tell you that he went in but it was only to rinse off the sand. We are getting ready to go across the Nullarbor, which seems quite daunting but also exciting travelling such great distances. We have really enjoyed Western Australia and know we will be happy to come back to it at the end of our trip but now we have South Australia to look forward to.
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