Our journeys around Australia

We were hoping to bring you some photos of the wild flowers but after leaving Geraldton the wild flower displays were disappointing. There were loads of flowers on the road sides on the way down to Geraldton but we didn't bother to stop and take pictures!

We arrived back in Perth and moved into a luxury timeshare apartment organised by Josie and Brian.

So instead of pictures of wild flowers, here are some useless facts and figures about our trip:


Useless Facts. . .

No of nights in a tent: 108
No of campsites: 45
Temperature (Hottest/Coldest): 37/8
No of fish caught & eaten: 6
Earliest on the road: 7:30am
Longest stay: 6 nights
Shortest stay: 1hr (Its a long story!)
Average stay: 2.4 days
Total distance travelled: 15,200km
Fuel price (most/least expensive): $2.06/$1.35
Best camp setup time: 40min
Best camp packup time: 50min
No of creeks crossed: Hundreds!!
Days without rain: 100
Best ablution block: Lake Argyle
Worst ablution block: Mt Barnett
Most expensive campsite: El Questro
Furthest drive in one day: 525km
Fuel used: approx 3000 ltrs
No of haircuts: 2 each
Distance travelled on tracks: about 2000km
Best beach: Kurrajong
Roughest track: Barnett River track at Mt Elizabeth
Best waterfall: Manning Falls
Best Ice Cream: Eighty Mile Beach
Best meal eating out: The miners mess, Wickham
Best commercial campsite: Eighty Mile Beach and Lake Argyle
Best free campsite: Quongdong Point
Best National Park campsite: Keep River
Snakes seen: Loads!
Best excursion: Adelaide River and Batavia flight
Best National Park: Karijini