Our journeys around Australia

The journey has started. We flew into Perth a few days ago via Singapore. We flew across on the top deck of an Airbus 380 and despite its size it is a very quiet aircraft.

We stayed with friends Brian and Kaye in Perth while we prepared the car for the forthcoming camping trip. As we were taking two extra creek walkers with us (Brian & Josie) we need more space to carry the extra camping gear. As offroad trailers are expensive the only option was to fit a roofrack. I had already ordered one so it was just a matter of popping it onto the roof and bolting it down, or so I thought! It took all day and the temperature was in the high 30's.

Have we finished yet!

The following day we drove out to Armadale to collect an awning which bolted onto the side of the roofrack. Michael at Armadale 4 Wheel Drive asked if we would like them to fit it for us so following our experience of the previous day we accepted his offer. It was just as well as it wasn't quite as straightforward as it looked.

We visited the local camping store the next day who had a sale on so we were able to pick up some camping gear for Brian and Josie at a reduced price.

On Saturday we flew from Perth to Canberra via Melbourne and then drove to Mallacoota to stay with friends Di and Dave. The drive down took us through the Snowy Mountains and was very picturesque. No snow but plenty of sunshine. The next morning we woke to the sound of rain on the roof and the temperature was somewhat cooler! The view from the house was still spectacular though with the mist rising from the hills on the opposite side of the lake.

Mist rising from the hills across the lake at Mallacoota

Birthday celebration.



As it was my birthday Di and Dave invited a few friends who we had met here previously for a celebratory drink.