Our journeys around Australia

Airbus A380

We had a good flight to Perth, 12 hours to Singapore, 45 minutes to cross the airport then 5 hours on to Perth.

We flew on the new Singapore Airlines Airbus A380 on the upper deck and I think it is the quietest aircraft I have flown in and not too cramped.

There were thunderstorms in Singapore and Perth when we arrived and Perth was wet, very windy and quite cool. In fact it has been very stormy here with trees being blown over taking out power supplies.

Yesterday was Adrians stag do so the chaps spent the morning go-carting and the rest of the day visiting some bars in Freemantle. Today it was the girls turn and they went for some pampering sessions at a local hotel. (Not that they don't get pampered by us men!).

Adrian at the BBQ beside the Swan RiverToday it is brighter and when the girls got back all shining and sparkely, we went to the park alongside the Swan River for a BBQ.

Perth SkylineBy about 6:00pm it was getting dark and the city centre high rises were silloetted against the skyline across the river.