Our journeys around Australia

Our next stop was at Kings Creek Station close to Kings Canyon. This was a working cattle/camel station with an interesting history. The Station has exported camels to Saudi Arabia for racing. The manager gave us an interesting talk about the place and what they do followed by Billy tea and damper round the camp fire. Campfire at Kings Creek Station
Kings Canyon Kings Canyon is a deep gorge carved through the red sandstone. There are a number of walks that can be done in the area and I chose to walk the rim of the canyon while the Navigator decided to take the canyon floor track.
Probably not a bad idea as the start of the rim walk was a steep climb to the top. kings_canyon_2
Kings Canyon The long climb was worth it because the views from the top were magnificent.
This is the view looking out from the canyon across the plains. Kings Canyon
Kings Canyon

We were told that large lumps of the sheer canyon walls fall off every 60 years or so and that the last fall was about 60 years ago!

Perhaps the top of the canyon was a good place to be after all.

Kings Canyon

No safety barriers here! Kings Canyon