Our journeys around Australia


Our next stop was at Meninge on the shores of Lake Albert. We drove out to the Coorong National Park but the wind was blowing so hard that we opted for a caravan park in town. The weather had really changed and was very much cooler and we had some rain.

 Lake Albert


We had stayed in this caravan park when we were here for the year and it is nicely located alongside the lake and within walking distance of the small town.

Coorong saltlake


Lake Albert is connected to the Coorong which is a vast area of wetlands and a major breeding area for pelicans and other water birds.


 Coorong saltlake


This is one of the many salt lakes dotted around the edges of the Coorong.

Piccaninnie bush camp


After a couple of nights at Meninge we moved on to Piccanninie Ponds near Mount Gambier. We managed to grab the last camping spot between the ponds and the beach and discovered that it was free camping as it was about to be refurbished.

Bush camping dosn't get much bushier than this!


 Piccaninnie Ponds


Piccannie Ponds look like your average pond but these ponds are have a secret.

piccaninnie divers


The water is up to 110mtrs deep and is crystal clear. It is very popular location for cave divers.

(Its not my photo, I took a picture of the sign near the ponds)

Iiccaninnie Ponds sign


Caroline Sink Hole


The area is known as the Limestone Coast and there are many caves and sinkholes caves dotted around. There are also three extinct volcanoes. We drove out to a nearby forest where a couple of sinkholes are located. Hells Hole is full of water and is another cave dive location. The Caroline Sinkhole is above the water table but with its vertical sides is almost impossible to get into.



We have seen a bit more wildlife around here including several emu's, and echidna and some brolgas. 


These are Brolgas which are a veriety of crane. We had seen them before in the far north and didn't realise they came this far south.

Wombat poo


Did You Know that wombat poo comes in cubes and it tastes like strawberries? 

Ali doing the housework


Ali asked me to point out that its not all fun and games, the housework still has to be done!

(ps. I lied about the the strawberry taste - its more like ginger!)