Our journeys around Australia


Conto's Field

For our last camp site we stopped at Conto's Field which is located within the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park near Margaret River. Its a nice camp site with good facilities and located close to sandy beaches and the vinyards of Margaret River.

Lake Cave


Also in the area are numerous caves and we visited Lake Cave which was close to the campsite. After climbing down some 300 steps we entered the cave to see the stalagmites, stalactites and a very rare feature called a 'suspended table'.

Carpet Python


This harmless (unless you are a mouse!) carpet python was in a car park at the nearby Conto's Spring beach.



Why you shouldn't leave your shoes outside the tent at night:

  • Dingos steal them
  • Wombats poo in them
  • Scorpions make home in them!
We found this one under the tent when we packed it up.

Easter lillies


On our way back to Perth we visited the Lane Pool Reserve where we have camped in the past. To our surprise the place was in bloom (It is Autumn here at the moment!). These are Easter Lillies.

Naughty Grumps



Emily was excited to see us back but I was in trouble for making her car dirty!



Some useless facts about our trip:

Total distance travelled:
Fuel price (most/least expensive):
Most expensive campsite:
Furthest drive in one day:
Fuel used:
Hottest day:
No of haircuts:
Best beach:
Roughest track:
Nights in a tent:
Nights in a cabin:
Nights in a caravan park:
Nights bush camping:
Best free campsite:
Snakes seen:

Broken Hill
approx 2000ltrs
2 each
Jorndee Creek/Gillards Beach
Thomas Fishery
Jorndee Creek