Our journeys around Australia

Hendryhd Falls


We started our journey on the 8th May with our first night spent in the Motorhome in the Brecon Beacons.

The motorhome was set up well and we spent a comfortable night in a very nice camp site near Lampwich. The weather wasn't too good with plenty of rain but it did fill the rivers and we visited the nearby Hendryhd Falls.

Hendryhd Falls


There was a narrow path which allowed you to walk behind the falls.

Maen Liea


The navigator decided to test me driving skills and guided me across a very narrow road across the mountains. The views were great and it quickly got me used to the width of the motorhome!

After avoiding oncoming vehicles and a herd of sheep we came across a standing stone. This is the Maen Liea standing stone thought to be placed here about 4000 years ago.

It did brighten up a bit for this view:

Our motorhome on the mountain road