Our journeys around Australia

Loch EribollWe have spent a couple of nights wild camping (bush camping for any ozzies reading this). The first night was spent alongside Loch Eriboll and the second by the side of Duncansby Head Lighthouse.

Loch Eriboll was very quiet and peaceful and although we were alongside the road there was little or no traffic.

 Highland Visitor

One of the problems with wild camping overnight is that you might have to share it with wild creatures. How do you explain this on the insurance claim?

Skyline stag 

We spotted several more creatures in the last couple of days. We stopped to take a photo of a deer we saw by the side of the road and

Ali spotted some more on the hillside and took this great photo of a stag on the skyline.

Kylesku Bridge 

A bit further on we crossed over the Kylesku bridge and stopped to take a photo and there was another deer that posed for us.

Squiffy highland bull 

Now if this highland bull was by the side of the motorhome it wouldn't have been such a problem!

The Castle of Mey 

We called in to one of the Queen Mothers favourite homes, The Castle of Mey. We managed to get the last tour of the day and there was just the three of us and our guide.

Dunnet head 

We drove out to the most northerly point on the mainland of Britain - No it's not John o'Groats it's Dunnet Head.

Dunnet head lighthouse 

And here is a photo of the most northerly lighthouse.

John o'Groats 

Just in case there are any arguments we also visited John o'Groats.


Ali had not seen any puffins yet on this trip and nearby Duncansby Head was supposed to be a good location for seeing them. It was also somewhere we could free camp for the night. We walked out to 'The Duncansby Stacks' and saw loads of fulmars, guillemots and one puffin :-)


There was also a seal perched on a rock by the stacks.

Duncansby lighthouse

We spent a quiet night next t the lighthouse.