Our journeys around Australia


We had a day trip along the coast in a LARC. It's an amphibious vehicle that's just as happy in the water as it is on land. The craft were originally built by the US military for use in Vietnam but two of them have found their way to Queensland.

The amphibious LARC

Bustard Light

The journey took us across the inlets and along the beaches of Bustard Bay to Bustard Head lighthouse. Bustard got its name from Captain Cook as they shot a Bustard or Bush Turkey when they came ashore here in 1770.

The lighthouse at Bustard Head

The guide gave us a history of the lighthouse and there were several tragic stories to be told about the building of it and the families who operated it. There was a small graveyard not far from the lighthouse where the bodies of about 8 people are buried. The view from the lighthouse back towards 1770 was fantastic. Our journey in the LARC started from 1770, which is in the top left corner of the picture, and took us across three inlets like the one shown and along the beach.

Bustard Bay from the lighthouse

Bustard Bay
Banded Sea Snake

The estuary below the lighthouse is an area where sharks breed. The young develop in the lagoons and then swim out to sea when they have grown enough. Along the beach we saw Ospreys and Sea Eagles and also a Banded Sea Snake. It was only a young one but they are supposed to be highly venomous.

TRICIA - You know what to do!! Banded Sea Snake

On the way back from the lighthouse, we did some dune surfing. There was a competition for the person who could travel the furthest. I came third - beaten to two young kids!! I think they should have a handicap system for weight.

Dune surfing

Dune Surfing
Dune Surfing

Oh yes, guess what was at the bottom of the dune? The lagoon, you know the ones where the sharks breed!

Ali decided not to take part in the dune surfing so I suggested she had a go in the surf. She did quite well as you can see. Ali surfing in Bustard Bay Well it was only a little sea snake we saw earlier!! Ali surfing