Our journeys around Australia

Another short 100km trip along Highway 1 has taken us to our next stop at Jourama Falls in the Paluma Range National Park. This is a lovely quiet National Park campsite situated alongside a creek with a walking track to Jourama Falls. The creek has number of waterholes that are good for swimming in. The park is listed as the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area and includes some of the oldest continuously surviving rainforests on earth together with many rare and endangered species.
The campsite was very quiet with just three others camping there. A few other people drove in but left without stopping. Perhaps it was the notice at the campsite entrance that put them off! Notice at the Jourama Camp Site

This lizard stood in he middle of the road daring us to pass but eventually it gave in and hightailed it by running off on its hind legs.

Lizard at Jourama campsite

We walked up to a lookout to view the falls. There was quite a bit of water flowing but I suspect it becomes much more spectacular after some decent rain.

Jourama Falls

Jourama Falls
Skiiny dipping in the falls At the bottom of the falls, the water flowed through several rock pools that made excellent spa baths.

By the time the river passed the campsite, it had spread out a bit and slowed down. We saw Forest Kingfishers darting in and out along the banks. This is the creek that cuts you off when it rains hard. The track into the campsite crosses it a couple of times.

Creek near Jourama campsite

Waterview Creek
Crystal Creek

We drove up a steep winding road to the village of Paluma that was almost 1000mtrs above sea level. On the way we drove past Crystal Creek and Paradise Waterhole.

Crystal Creek

At Paluma village, we stopped for Devonshire Cream Teas. The tearooms were frequented by some beautiful birds (feathered ones chaps!) and this Honey Eater was checking out his entry in Ali's bird book.

A Honeyeater checking its entry in the bird book

Honet Eater
Golden Orb Spider There was another Golden Orb spider at the tearooms a