Our journeys around Australia


Our next port of call was Lucinda. We stayed in a Tourist Park with powered sites to recharge the vans battery and make use of the washing machines. Lucinda boasts the Worlds longest offshore bulk sugar loading. Our friend John from Brisbane was the project manager for the 5.76kms long jetty. Across the road from the campsite there is a sandy beach with an area netted off for swimming. The nets are to keep the marine stingers out. (And the crocodiles, sea snakes, sharks, barracudas, stonefish, sting rays . . .!).

The long sugar-loading jetty is in the background, almost disappearing over the horizon.

Stinger Net
Mangroves on the beach

A lot of the coastline is dominated by mangrove swamps and are mostly inaccessible from the land. I can't think why you would want to go into one, if the crocs don't get you in the mangrove swamps, the mossies certainly will!

Mangroves taking over the beach

Just 6km across the Hichinbrook Channel lay Hichinbrook Island, which is dominated by high mountains. The entire island is a National Park. We drove inland to the Girringun National Park to see the Wallaman Falls. At 268mtrs, the falls are the largest single drop falls in Australia. About halfway down there was a rainbow and below the rainbow the water seemed to turn into mist.

Wallaman Falls

Wallamen Falls
Flowers near the base of the falls

Here is a picture of the bottom of the falls with some tropical trees in full bloom.

Flowering trees and Wallaman Falls

The views in the other direction were equally spectacular but difficult to capture on film. I had to patch together four photos to get this view down the Herbert River Gorge. Herbert River Gorge
Saw Shelled Turtle Upstream of the falls, we spotted several turtles swimming around. This one is a 'Saw Shelled Turtle'.
There were supposed to be platypus as well but I think we were there the wrong time of the day to see them.