Our journeys around Australia

We are back on the road, well almost. We have been staying with friends Di and Dave in Mallacoota but have left them in peace for a week and gone along the coast to bush camp at Thurra River. We will be returning to Mallacoota via Bombala and Merimbula where we will be picking up UK friends Jane and Graham. Di and Dave will need the rest before they arrive!

Before Adrian and Zoe left, we took them on a 4x4 track to Wingen Inlet. We used the Rocky Ridge road (which lived up to its name!) but came across a couple of fallen trees. We managed to move this one just enough to be able to drive over it.

Driving over a fallen log on the Rocky Ridge track

Log across the track Wingen Inlet
Point Hicks

Thurra River is a beautiful spot but the drive in was down a 28km rough track. A fallen tree across the track had been conveniently propped up by someone so we were just able to get the caravan underneath. The journey was worth it though. There are two campsites, one on the Thurra Inlet and the other on the Mueller Inlet. The road to Mueller wasn't suitable for caravans so we stayed at Thurra. The area is close to Point Hicks, which was the place that Australia was first sighted when Captain Cook sailed here on 19th April 1770. (He thought it was the 19th but he forgot that he had crossed the dateline so it was actually the 20th). The headland was named after Lieutenant Hicks who actually spotted it.

Point Hicks and Thurra beach.

The place was very quiet while we were there with just a couple of other campers. We had the 4km of beach to ourselves. Well that's not quite true, at times we did have to share it with some hungry March Flies. It didn't seem to bother the navigator much though who was swatting up for her exam. (I think!)

The beach at Thurra.

Thurra Beach
Mueller River And what a better place to cool down than the Mueller River.


We have spotted a couple of snakes up close and live. There have been several dead ones on the road, but the first large one was a Brown snake that shot across the track in front of us when I was walking with Zoe near Wingen Inlet. It didn't stop long I am glad to say but it was large. The next one was on the track near Thurra which was a Red Bellied Black snake.

I told you NOT to read it!

Red Bellied Black Snake