Our journeys around Australia


Well, it started like this, Jane and Graham were visiting from the UK and wanted to go exploring. First we drove along a bumpy dirt road to visit Shipwreck Beach. To get to the beach we had to cross a small river so Graham did the honourable thing and carried Jane across. Well, one doesn't want to get the Versace shoes wet does one?

Crossing the river at Shipwreck Beach

Jane and Graham crossing the river
Crossing a creek on the Miners Track

They thought this was a bit tame and wanted to go on a 'proper' 4x4 drive. So we headed up the Stoney Peak Road, which had a steepish section in it requiring 4-wheel drive. 'Not exciting enough!' says Graham. On a previous visit, we had driven down the 'Miners Track' but turned around when we got to a rough creek crossing. 'It's a bit rough and its definitely 4x4, do you want to give it a go?' I said. Graham said 'Go for it' and I think I heard a faint 'yes' from Jane in the back. The track is narrow and very steep leading down to the creek, definitely low-ratio stuff. The water level was low so the creek crossing was fairly straightforward although a bit bumpy! It was into low-ratio again to climb up the other side of the creek.

Crossing the creek on Miners Track

This all went well except that with all the shaking and bumping, Priscilla lost a leg. (Not a pretty sight!)

Priscilla - legless again

Pricilla, legless again
The stretcher case

Fortunately, we had an expert medical team on hand to cope with the emergency. They found a stretcher and quickly had the casualty stabilised.

The emergency team in action.

As soon as we got back to Mallacoota, the local physician, Dr Dave, used the latest Australian Hip fixative - Araldite, to get Priscilla back on the road.

Dr Dave in action.


Definitely time to move on I think!!

Dr Dave in action
Ali's first catch

Ali tried her hand at fishing before leaving Mallacoota and caught a nice 1/2kg Bream.

Ali and her first catch.

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