Our journeys around Australia

Western Australia at the start of our journey


Back in Perth again but at a different campsite from the one we started from. This time we are in the Swan Valley area in amongst the vineyards. It reminded us of driving through the vineyards of the Dordogne in France on our way in. The site is not far from the 'Western Australia International Shooting Complex' in Whitman Park. The facilities are fantastic, a target shooting ground the size of the rugby ground at Andover, a field course, bowhunting area and permanent butts for beginners and cooperate events. There is a clubhouse with a large hall for presentations, toilets and showers, offices with photocopier and computer for results and a room for the Director of shooting that overlooks the field. There are traffic lights and a pa system permanently set-up on the grounds all of which are controlled from the judges control room. Separate buildings house the equipment. There is a covered area with seating just behind the shooting line on either side of the building.

International Archery Complex The archery complex in Perth, shooting is controlled from the room in the centre of the picture.
The centre hosts all the state events and there are two clubs who are based at the centre, Sorrento Archery Club and Benara Bowmen. We were made very welcome and had the opportunity to get our bows out for a bit of practice for the first time.

Inside the International Archery Centre, Perth

Inside the main archery building.

This road sign was just inside the entrance to the centre, you don't get those problems at Andover. Sign on drive to archery centre Schools or other groups can book archery sessions using an area set aside for the purpose. While we were there, they had an open day where people could come along and have-a-go, it seemed to be well attended. Other parts of Whitman Park have facilities for Trap, Skeet and Clay shooting and also pistol and rifle ranges and other ballistic sports. Very impressive!

Since arriving in Australia, we have driven just over 5000kms going from Perth up to Exmouth and back again. Today we moved on to another campsite but not too far this time, just across the other side of Perth to Fremantle. So we have finished our practice session and now we start our journey proper, travelling around the country going anti-clockwise.