Our journeys around Australia

Western Australia at the start of our journey

Tree Top Walk

Tree Top Walk

From Pemberton we moved on to Peaceful Bay, which is on the coast to the east of Walpole. From here we visited the Treetop Walk. This is a fairly new attraction that allows you to walk along pathways in the canopy of the forest. The trees here are mostly karri's and tingle's. Tingle trees are enormous and the ones in this forest are up to 400 years old. They are quit distinctive in that most of them have a hollow trunk at the base, which has been caused by fires and a fungus. The tree survives despite the damage.

I don't think Ali was too keen about the way it swayed around.

Tingle Tree

Ali is about to be eaten by a tingle tree.

Tingle Tree
All Gone!

Tingle Tree swallows Ali - All gone!

You can just make Ali out as she was being swallowed.

Unknown Orchid

We spotted more orchids today and we are not sure what this one is called.

Spring Flowers


Spring Flowers

There are flowers everywhere. These look like Disney characters poking their tongues out.

Just a very short 34km trip along the coast to our next stop at Parry Beach on the western end of William Bay. This is another bush camp in a site run by the local shire. It's set right on the beach and has proper toilets and solar showers all for $7 night and it's within easy reach of Denmark.