Our journeys around Australia

Banff is a popular location and the camp site filled up very quickly. There were quite a few very large motor homes and fifth wheelers and apparently quite a few were owned by Americans making their way north to Alaska for the summer.

We took the gondola ride to the top of Mount Sampson where the views were fantastic.

samson panorama

Here is the view from the summit:

samson peak view

samson peak summit


This old hut was at the very top of the mountain and was used for weather observations.

We spotted this marmot near the summit, it is the size on a large furry cat.

This is the Fairmont Springs hotel in Banff, looks rather ugly to me in the splendid scenery.

fairmont banff springs

Our next stop was just up the road at Lake Louise, passing Saw Back Ridge on the way.

saw back

bear notice



Only hard sided motor homes were permitted in the camp site at Lake Louise due to grizzly bear activity!

When we woke the next morning it had snowed overnight.

morning snow

ali chairlift



We decided to take the ski lift to the top of the mountain. On arriving at the lift we discovered that it had just opened for the summer’s season and we were the very first passengers - on Friday the 13th!

There was a choice of an enclosed gondola or open chair and Ali plucked up the courage and went for the chair.

 bear track

The chair lift took us over the electric fence that kept the bears out of the restaurant and we had a very pleasant ride to the top of the mountain.

A guide explained that a grizzly strolled past the café at the top of the mountain the day before and walking back to the lift we could see its tracks in the snow:

There were some great views from the top. . .

mountain panorama


summit view


summit snow

Lake Louise

lake louise