Our journeys around Australia

From Lake Argyle we headed off east to Katherine and then north to Darwin with stops at Victoria River, Edith Falls and Litchfield National Park.

Victoria River Crossing



Our first stop was at the Victoria River Roadhouse. The camping area behind the roadhouse was grassy and quiet and we even had a tree for a bit of shade. A new bridge had been built across the river but the water came within a metre of the deck this wet season.

Edith Falls Creek



We enjoyed our stay at Edith Falls six years ago and it was still good on this visit but a bit busier.

There was plenty of water flowing and the river leading away from the falls was full.

Edith Falls



The low level falls have a large plunge pool to swim in.

Edith Falls



There is a track that leads to the top of the escarpment where there are more pools and falls.

Bower Bird and Bower



Next to our camp site we found a Bower Birds nest which kept Ali entertained for ages. The birds decorate their nest with coloured objects and white was this year's colour for our bird. There were snail shells, pieces of bone and tea candles in the heap.

Edit Falls


From Edith Falls we drove into Litchfield National Park. We were hoping to stay at Surprise Falls but unfortunately the road closed because of the wet. Litchfield is home to the Magnetic Termite Mounds. The termites build them all facing the same direction to keep the temperature inside right.

Termite Mounds






The other termites build enormous mounds several metres high.

 Termite Mounds





To give you some idea of the size we stood a Creek Walker alongside on of them.

 We drove on to Darwin after Litchfield and only managed to get into a camp site on the fourth attempt. There were all sorts of things going on in Darwin and it was very busy. We managed to catch up with friends Ian and Joan from Tasmania who we had met on our previous trip to Aus and we went to watch a firework display celebration Territory Day.




On our last visit here we spent a day on a trip down the Adelaide River and decided to repeat it. Harry was still running the trip and it was just as good as last time. The trip is in a small aluminium boat and he takes you about 30km up the South Adelaide River to see the wildlife.

The river is full of salt water crocodiles and few bull sharks for good measure.

 Here are some of the other creatures we saw.

Rainbow Bee Eater







Rainbow Bee Eater

 Greater Egret



White Heron (or Greater Egret perhaps!)

 White Bellied Sea Eagle







White Bellied Sea Eagle.

 Crocodile Yawn



And more salties.

Adelaide River Menu



We got to an island in the middle of nowhere where there is a guy who runs a small B&B and a bar! There is nothing else for miles around and the only way to get there is by boat in the croc infested waters. Here is what he had to offer for food. We settled for a beer.

After Darwin we were thinking of visiting Kakadu but were put off by reports that parts of it were still closed, half of it had been burnt, the mossies' were terrible and there is now an entry fee to get in the park.