Our journeys around Australia

After spending a few days with the family we packed up the car with the camping gear, stocked up with food and water and hit the road heading north.

We had booked a campsite on a sheep station near Shark Bay about 800km north of Perth. The journey was going to take us about a day and a half with an overnight stop somewhere north of the small town of Northampton.

We eventully pulled into a rest area called Galena Bridge on the banks of the Murchenson River. We had stayed there before when we had the caravan but this time we used our small 2 man tent which we use for one night stops.

We pitched the tent in a nice shady spot on the north side of the river where the ground was a bit softer. The south side of the river is more popular as there are some toilets there but the ground is hard as rock as it is used by caravans and trailers.

Galena camp site

 After settling in for the night we could hear what sounded like rain on the tent but when we turned the light out the rain instantly stopped! Light on and it started again. The noise was mosquitoes hitting the tent. Later it sounded like thousands of electric fans running just outside the tent. Perhaps we shouldn't have camped so close to the river!