Our journeys around Australia

We got off to an early start for the last leg to Tamala Station. After turning off the bitumen we let the tyres down for the track and headed to the station to check in.

Useless Loop Road Useless Loop Road

We arrived just after lunch. The station stock sheep and goats but they had suffered from drought and were desperate for some rain. Joke, the station owner met us nursing a joey who had been orphaned a few days earlier.

P1000167 Tamala Station

We collected the key to the gate for our camping area and set off for the final 40-50 kms.

The navigator on gate duty The navigator on gate duty

We eventually got to our camping area called 'Three Bays'. This was a large sandy bay about 1km long. We drove along the beach and found a nice spot at the bottom of a sand dune just opposite a small island. It was very hot with temperatures in the high 30's so we set up the awning to get some shade and waited until late in the afternoon before setting up the tent.

Three Bays camp site Three Bays camp site

Our camp site on the beach Our camp site on the beach