Our journeys around Australia


For our last two nights on Tasmania we decided to chill out on the beach on an island south of Hobart called Bruny Island. We loaded the campervan onto a ferry for the short journey across to the Island from Kettering and drove to a nice campsite in Adventure Bay. Bruny Island is almost two islands with just a narrow strip of land called 'The Neck' joining north and south Bruny.

The Neck, Bruny Island

The Neck
Bruny Ducks

We seem to have caught up with Captain Cook again as the place we are staying in, Adventure Bay, was named after one of the ships that accompanied Cook here in 1773. In 1788 Captain Bligh anchored the Bounty in Adventure Bay and planted some seeds. It is thought the first apple tree was planted by Bligh here.

Needless to say that the local birds were after me as soon as we had set up camp. (They must be quackers!!)

Adventure Bay Ducks

We got used to seeing kangaroos and wallabies but we had a surprise when we saw white kangaroos wandering around the camp site. We were told that there were about 200 of them in this part of the island.

White Kangaroo

White Kangaroo
Fairy Wren

The next day we were ready to relax on the beach but it rained! But it was a nice place to relax after all the driving of the previous three weeks.

We showed you the picture of the Fairy Wren chicks the other day, well here is what dad looks like:

Fairy Wren

After leaving Bruny we travelled back to mainland Tasmania and spent our last two nights at a place called Snug. We had to clean up the Campervan and do some essential patchwork shopping in Hobart before flying to Perth.